1. Her Turn Now

From the recording Fill Me Up

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Her Turn Now

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From the record "Her Turn Now" by Kiki Ebsen

Kiki Ebsen-keys and vocals
James Harrah-guitars and guitar solo
Grant Geissman-additional guitar
Steve Lawrence-bass
Bernie Dresel-drums
Brian Kilgore-percussion


So tragic we were magic
The way you squeezed my hand
You were there to understand me better
So crazy just maybe
We were never built to last
Spring summer when we were lovers Winter came and froze us in the past

Then you made love to me you would not look in my eyes
Said you were done with me and then you told me goodbye
You said it’s her turn now

Where is that innocence right before he takes you down
Stay open to the notion that the right one’s just around the corner
But I’m too shattered, nothing matters, not used to being so wrong
Discarded broken hearted seems I don’t know this man at all

When you made love to me you’d always look in my eyes
Said you had fun with me
Just like a carnival ride
That was her turn now

Desire for a new start spark a fire in the theme park where
Illusions of love seem almost real
But you’re newly dazzled by her glitz and her glamourous life
Too soon you might question all you feel with...

Thoughts roaring life’s boring again
Your clock is ticking fast
You get swept up then fed up
Can’t seem to make these moments last

Why do new things stop shining, get heavy on your arm
While that true thing that you’re pining remains a secret to us all

Still you’ll make love to her but you won’t look in her eyes
And when you’re done with her you’ll simply tell her good bye
Just have your fun with her one last carnival ride
That was turn now
her turn now, her turn now her turn now

words and music by Kiki Ebsen ©2021 KIERSTEN MUSIC (BMI)