Music to Vote By-WATCH ANYTIME


Delighted to be invited to participate in contributing 2 songs for this fun project. MUSIC TO VOTE BY! The creative minds of Kelly Fitzgerald, John Diggins & Michelle Mangione designed a special playlist (on the site known as You...Tube... to help support and entertain voters who, due to voting challenges, as well as Covid-19 concerns, may be forced to stand in long lines on election day. THANK YOU FOR VOTING! "Dead End Places" features studio video of Grant Geissman, Bernie Dresel, and #StevenLawrence in the mix. "Peace.Harmony" opens with a special message to those waiting to vote! Enjoy the playlist found at: and again, thank you for voting. Your vote counts, your voice matters!


Kiki Ebsen/OzCon 2020

Kiki Ebsen TV

Some fabulous singing and Ozsome discussion from Kiki Ebsen! Featured programming from Saturday Virtual OzCon!


Kiki Ebsen with the Central Texas Medical Orchestra


A multi singer special virtual orchestra performance of "We'll Meet Again" for Remembrance Day on November 11, 2020. Conducted by Dr. Radmer and arranged by Dr. Joey Colarusso.


"In My Special Room" Singer/Songwriter Showcase & Benefit for the Innocence Project

In My Special Room

Kiki will sing two songs along other songwriters featured "In My Special Room", a Benefit for the Innocence Project.

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